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Workers Compensation: Your Safety Net

You put your heart and soul into your job, so it seems only fair that you should be protected from harm while you’re there. Most good employers do go out of their way to provide safety training and equipment to keep their workers safe and protected from any hazards. Federal agencies, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also have standards in place for employers to follow to keep their workers safe. However, sometimes accidents happen anyway, and when they do, workers compensation is meant to be your safety net. Most of the time, if you follow your company’s procedures for filing a workers compensation claim, you’ll be paid with no trouble. However, I know from experience that it isn’t always that easy. I started this blog to help you learn what to do when your company or their insurance company denies your workers compensation claim.

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Hurt At Work? When To Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney

You go to work to do your job. That's why it's so surprising when you are engaged in your line of business and suddenly injure yourself while doing what you're paid to do. It's a frightening experience and one that can leave you reeling. If your employer offers workers' compensation insurance, you may think it will be pretty easy for you to file a claim and receive payment while you are out recuperating. The reality is that you might be in for a long battle. If things start to become more complicated than you ever imagined, here's how to know that it's time to hire a workers' compensation attorney.

Payment Isn't Coming As Swiftly As You Imagined

The red tape that can restrict you when you're looking for a workers' compensation payment can be very difficult to deal with. Your bills won't wait, and if the insurance company is dragging their feet about getting you the restitution that you are owed, it could leave you in a financial situation that is extremely tough to get out of. 

If you aren't feeling at your best, and you have a serious injury that you are trying to recover from, it's going to be hard to be persistent with the insurance company about issuing your payment. You shouldn't have to call the adjuster multiple times each day in hopes that they will finally hear you out and cut you a check.

That's what a good workers' compensation attorney is there to do. They won't rest until the insurance company has given you the money that you need to keep your head above water. You'll be in good hands, and this gives you the peace you need to recuperate more quickly.

You Are Fired or Reprimanded After Filing for Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is a basic right of nearly all employees. It's not fair for you to come under fire by your boss because you filed for the financial protection that is offered by workers' compensation insurance. If your boss decides to fire you, or if they begin to cause you unnecessary grievance after you file for workers' comp, you definitely need to get a lawyer. Your employer might be in violation of several laws, and only an experienced attorney will be able to determine that.

Knowing when to bring out the big guns by hiring an attorney assures you that your case will be handled properly. If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned in this article, get a lawyer on the job right away.