Workers Compensation: Your Safety Net

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Workers Compensation: Your Safety Net

You put your heart and soul into your job, so it seems only fair that you should be protected from harm while you’re there. Most good employers do go out of their way to provide safety training and equipment to keep their workers safe and protected from any hazards. Federal agencies, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also have standards in place for employers to follow to keep their workers safe. However, sometimes accidents happen anyway, and when they do, workers compensation is meant to be your safety net. Most of the time, if you follow your company’s procedures for filing a workers compensation claim, you’ll be paid with no trouble. However, I know from experience that it isn’t always that easy. I started this blog to help you learn what to do when your company or their insurance company denies your workers compensation claim.

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Why You Should Work With A Real Estate Law Firm When Investing In Commercial Properties

If you are getting ready to start investing in commercial properties, you might be planning on doing a lot of the hard work yourself. After all, as you can probably imagine, this can be a good way to boost your profits, and it can allow you to learn a lot and be heavily involved in your own business. However, there is one professional who you will probably want to hire to help you: a real estate attorney. The primary reasons why you should consider working with a real estate law firm when you begin investing in commercial properties are listed here.

Make Sure Everything Goes Right When You Purchase Properties

Of course, in order to invest in commercial properties, you will need to start by ordering one or more properties of your own. When doing so, you will want to have a title search done on the property so that you can ensure that there are no liens or debts against the property. You will also need to make sure that everything goes well with financing and your purchasing contract. If you are working with other investors to purchase a commercial property, then the process of the purchase can be a bit more complicated, too. Luckily, you can work with a real estate attorney so that you can get help with all of the things that go along with purchasing a commercial property in the proper way.

Get Help With Writing Up Commercial Leases

If you are going to be renting or leasing out your commercial properties later on, then you will need to have a lease in place for your commercial tenants to sign. If you need help with drawing up a commercial lease that protects everyone who is involved and that is fully legal based on the laws in your state, a real estate lawyer can help you.

Get Help With Selling Your Commercial Properties

Some people like to invest in commercial real estate by purchasing commercial properties and then reselling them for a higher price than they paid for them, sometimes after doing renovations. If this is the way that you want to invest in commercial real estate — such as if you don't really like the idea of having to deal with commercial tenants and all of the risks that can go along with renting or leasing out a commercial property that you own — then you should work with a real estate attorney who can assist you with everything that goes along with selling your commercial properties when you are prepared to do so.