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Workers Compensation: Your Safety Net

You put your heart and soul into your job, so it seems only fair that you should be protected from harm while you’re there. Most good employers do go out of their way to provide safety training and equipment to keep their workers safe and protected from any hazards. Federal agencies, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also have standards in place for employers to follow to keep their workers safe. However, sometimes accidents happen anyway, and when they do, workers compensation is meant to be your safety net. Most of the time, if you follow your company’s procedures for filing a workers compensation claim, you’ll be paid with no trouble. However, I know from experience that it isn’t always that easy. I started this blog to help you learn what to do when your company or their insurance company denies your workers compensation claim.

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Unfairly Blamed For Causing A Motorcycle Accident

Were you not only badly injured in a motorcycle accident but also blamed for causing the accident? Motorcycle riders are commonly blamed for causing accidents because bikes are some of the smallest vehicles on the roads. Getting blamed for causing an accident while healing from serious injuries makes the recovery process more stressful to get through. Due to being in such a stressful situation, a motorcycle rider might accept responsibility for causing an accident so he or she can focus on recovering. However, giving in due to being under pressure is not wise, as a lawyer can be hired to fight for your rights while you are recovering.

Why Are You Being Blamed? 

You will only have to do a minimal amount of work while working with a lawyer, such as answer a few important questions. For example, being that you feel as though you were unfairly blamed for causing the accident, a lawyer will ask questions regarding your liability. Do you have a history of getting into accidents due to driving your motorcycle in a careless fashion because it is small? Your history as a motorcycle rider is important because it will play a role in the lawyer building your case. He or she will also investigate the accident in question to prove to the other party that you are not responsible for causing the accident.

How Long is Recovery Expected to Take?

The nature of the questions asked by your lawyer will also include details about your injuries and the recovery process. Keep in mind that getting injured can be more than something that is physical, as mental health can be injured from a motorcycle accident as well. For example, if you lost your joy for riding a motorcycle due to the accident being so traumatizing, it is a psychological injury. A lawyer will want your medical records to use as evidence of the severity of your injuries and what the recovery process is expected to look like. Speaking to your doctor will be done, as well as speaking to other doctors to obtain other opinions about the severity of your injuries and how they will affect your life.

How Much Money Do You Need?

A lawyer will not only make sure you get the money that you need but also extra money for the other party's negligence if he or she is at fault. You deserve more money than your initial medical expenses may be. For instance, you also deserve money for the long-term treatment needs of the injuries, such as if you need an artificial limb in the future.

Consult a motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer to learn more.